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About The Work

I combine Reconnective Functional Therapy (RFT) with movement, strength, bodywork, and coaching to help my clients rapidly achieve their goals.

From weight loss to better movement, clearer, stronger mental and physical focus, increased business, injury recovery, improved posture and more. Clients are finally able to go after and achieve the results they want with greater sustained success. I work with beginners, seasoned athletes, lawyers, CEO’s, and anyone looking for change and to move forward in their goals. My clients continually see results. 

I create an individualized process for each client to help remove the patterns that create repeated problems. This allows more of a greater ability in order to achieve success. Clients can then experience the freedom to be more effective and focused on reaching their goals to get greater results. I help you feel better now so you can start doing better today.


About Rob

I utilize Reconnective Functional Therapy (RFT) with movement, bodywork, and individualized coaching to help you rapidly achieve your goals.

Whether you are a seasoned athlete or beginner, recovering from recent or past injuries, or want to move yourself forward to the next level in any aspect of life, my clients continually see results.

I guide clients through a process designed specifically for them, clearing their minds and bodies allowing them to focus and achieve their goals. My work removes various patterns that add to stress, frustration and diminished results. Eliminating these patterns helps clients move closer to what they want to achieve in their life. You feel better now, so you can do better in your life now and in to the future.



Licensed Massage Therapist

Neurokinetic Therapy Level 2

Certified Personal Trainer: 13 years

Further Studies:


Cranial Sacral

Chinese Medicine

Reconnective Functional Therapy (RFT)

What is Reconnective Functional Therapy (RFT)?

Every person has objectives and the ability and the best way to accomplish them. However over time we pick up patterns and habits that diminish these skills and ability, creating mental frustrations, mental and physical fatigue contributing to failure rather then success. Reconnective Functional Therapy (RFT) is a process to help clients move forward quicker. Clients are reconnected to function at their most effective and productive level to rapidly achieve their goals. The process is highly individualized in order to focus on each client’s needs. RFT gets to the root issues that are causing repetitive problems, interfering with a client’s ability to achieve their goals and then works in the best way to let them go in an adaptive and flexible manner. This also helps to meet clients where they are at in the moment. Whether it is bodywork, movement, or coaching that is used, clients’ main goals are constantly being worked on while addressing their most immediate needs. Clients then can let go of their root issues that diminish their ability, allowing them to move forward in their lives. After a few sessions clients begin to notice how they feel better, more relaxed, and that its easier to go after and accomplish what they want.



Hannah W.



I came to Rob with severe back and neck pain as well as extremely tight calves. He worked his "voodoo" and I am feeling better than ever! I am now able to run again without pain and my days of worrying about my "broken body" are over. I was able to learn proper movements and also rehab my body in a way where I am now back to exercising pain free! Not only this, but Rob is the most caring and kind trainer I've ever worked with. Each session was almost mental therapy as much as physical. Rob also took the time out of his busy schedule to teach me some cooking tricks as well. He truly is the real deal! All I can say is thank you.

Brady D.


Two months to the day before I started seeing Rob, I got shot. This was no little scrape or cut. I was transported to the ER in the back of an ambulance wearing a tourniquet situated just below my pelvis. My blood pressure was through the roof, my platelets were through the floor and a chunk of my thigh was missing.

As soon as the bleeding stopped I was determined to get back to normal life. I began working out on my own and it seemed like I was making progress. That is, until I fell. I was in my house reaching for something next to the couch. I lost my balance and I crashed into the window. I am 32 years old and active; I've hiked 14ers and I've ascended the Manitou Incline. People like me don't just fall. Hitting the ground made it clear that my recovery was flawed and that I needed professional help.

From the second I spoke with Rob, I knew that he understood my problem and could see the steps necessary for me to regain my confidence and mobility.

Exactly 12 days and six sessions after first working together, I went from barely being able to climb the stairs to climbing to the top of St. Mary's Glacier outside of Idaho Springs! I have a 10-day Adirondack hiking trip planned at the end of September and I have no doubt that due to Rob's expertise and dedication, I'll be hiking in the mountains the entire time.

A lot of men will relate to this. I'm a big guy, about 6'4" 250lbs. I have always used my size to get things done. When I went to the gym, if I didn't feel it for the next week, I thought I didn't work hard enough. Training with Rob, I have learned that I can get stronger than ever without the risk of breaking down my body. The next few years are going to be amazing, seeing how far we can build my strength and endurance.

Getting shot turned out to be the best mistake of my life. In all honesty, I wish our paths would have crossed years earlier. I cannot overstate how impressed I am with Rob's skills, how grateful I am for the time he's spent with me and how excited I am to have regained my active lifestyle.

Injured or not and fit or not, give Rob a call!

Kim W


Well, I'd like to explain what Rob does, but I can't. It just works. Here's what we accomplished in a few months:

My sprained ankle felt so good that after two weeks I didn't need to brace it anymore. Actually, I did because then I played volleyball and dislocated my knee. But! With Rob's help my healing time for that has been cut in half and the pain went down with every session.

I'm sleeping better.

I carry less stress through the day = less joint pain.

My anger isn't as intense. I've spent years figuring out why I react the way I do to situations, but there was a physical intensity that I couldn't release on my own. It was like I was locked in a pattern. It's going away.

I can focus to get work done.

This isn't about Rob, but whatever he does has cleared the way for me to be more...me.

If you find yourself in repetitive pain, call him. You'll guaranteed learn a lot. Heck, I went in with knee pain and now I feel better, all over, almost every week.

Will S.


Wow, hard to really say enough good things about my sessions with Rob. Prior to seeing him, I was pretty much disabled from doing everyday tasks from carrying groceries inside, doing laundry, etc.. following several surgeries over 3 years ago. During that time, I had been relying primarily on trigger point shots, pain medication, and other forms of electro-shock therapy. Within just 5 sessions over several weeks with Rob, I was able to actually start living my life again. Instead of being laid up on the couch daily, I've begun taking almost daily bike rides again. Easily made more progress during my time with Rob than over 3 years using doctor prescribed activities and treatments. I found it was as simple as getting back to basics and re-discovering how to move CORRECTLY. He almost immediately recognized what would be most beneficial to me during the initial assessment, which happened to be trying to build the muscle back around the injury site. Rob truly put me on the path to getting back on my feet 100%, I would recommend him to anybody in really any situation. He will really try to meet you wherever you're at, help you set realistic goals, and then meet those goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What should I expect from my first session?

Beginning with the first session, clients can expect to gain an understanding of existing patterns that are compromising their goals. We then start the work to eliminate them so that you can start accomplishing those goals.


Who do you work with?

My clients are on a very wide spectrum. I work with complete beginners to highly trained seasoned athletes, from those in their 20's to their 80's and they come from all areas of work, nationalities, life and backgrounds. I work with clients who have chronic pain, disabilities and/or those who are recovering from a myriad of recent or past injuries and issues to those who feel blocked and frustrated with their ability to direct their life. I currently only work with people from age 16 up. 


How long does it take to see results?

Clients typically feel a difference after one or two sessions, but sometimes it takes time for new patterns take hold and create more noticeable changes.


How intense will sessions be?

This depends on the individual goals and client. The work is personally tailored to you and where you are in the moment, addressing your most pressing needs while working on your overall goal. This is a process. Each session builds on itself, allowing a progression toward each goal in a safe and effective manner.


What do you mean by "bodywork" and how will it help me?

The bodywork I use is a blend of massage, cranial sacral, muscle testing and neuromuscular work. Clients frequently have issues accessing parts of their bodies, causing them to compensate to avoid pain, weakness, instability which can cause the body to overwork, diminish performance and cause more pain and injuries. This gentle bodywork helps "rewire" and change these compensation patterns so the body can be more effective and natural to use. This also decreases stress on the entire system allowing better movement in the body and more focused use of the mind. 


What is your individualized coaching?

Many of my clients find my coaching to be therapeutic, but it is not therapy. I detect the roots of problematic issues and address them at their foundation in order for clients to be free to find their most effective direction. It is reshaping perceptions and reworking patterns so a gnarled path becomes a more direct path to their goals. This helps clients open their minds and discover new and more effective paths and solutions that work for them. I don’t tell people how to think or do, but help free them so they become more clear and effective towards their goals.


Where do you work? Do you have a location I can go to?

Due to the personal nature of the work and to help my clients focus, I am in home and online exclusively. I do travel outside Denver and I do travel out of state and country for work. For all inquiries and questions please email me Rob@PerpetualHealthDenver.com.


How do I set up an appointment?

You can call me at 847-337-3733, e-mail me at Rob@PerpetualHealthDenver.com or use the contact link below. 

Before working with any client, I have a brief initial conversation, this can be done via telephone or in person meeting. After that an initial session can be scheduled to follow or at another day and time. Sessions are by appointment only, Monday through Sunday. 


Denver and Surrounding Areas:


Introductory Session: $80

Single Session: $100

Packages of 5: $475

Packages of 10: $900


Out of State:

There is a five session minimum per trip.

Introductory Price: $250

Single Session: $500

Package of 5: $2000

Package of 10: $3000

Sessions are online and in home only, if you have questions please email at Rob@PerpetualHealthDenver.com

Payments can be made by electronic transfer, credit card, check or cash. Insurance is not accepted.

Sessions at least an hour to 90 minutes long and blend physical training, focused movement and body work corrections.



Online Work


A unique strength of Reconnective Functional Therapy (RFT) is its flexibility and adaptability in sessions whether they are done in person or online. When working with clients on their issues from repetitive patterns that hamper performance, the activities in their daily lives, or working through mental blocks that limit their enjoyment of life, creating the change they need is still accessible to them no matter the distance.

Online sessions length depend on client’s goals and needs, but are typically 75-90 minutes. All new clients will need to fill out a waiver and intake form before the initial session. Please use the contact form or email Rob@PerpetualHealthDenver.com to start working towards a new direction in your life today.


Online Sessions: $200 per session

Initial Session: $110

Package of Five Sessions: $875

Package of Ten Sessions: $1500

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